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From Lane to Lovesick

Fortunately for those on Oahu, Hurricane Lane spared this island from significant harm. But what Lane did provide was extra time. After preparing for the worst, what’s one to do? Watch Netflix is what, and that’s where Lovesick comes in. A great three-season romantic comedy about the lives of Dylan, Evie, and Luke, oh and […]

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Apple TV and Netflix – No Audio

Not exactly sure what happened, but the Netflix app on the 4th generation Apple TV (non 4K) stopped playing audio. I have a feeling there was an update to the Netflix app and the update is implementing digital copy protection. Maybe this could be related to the future inclusion of Dolby Atmos in the 4K […]

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Dolby Atmos and Netflix

Regards Dolby Atmos content, Netflix does have a few titles available for streaming. But there are other requirements for Atmos and Netflix. You need Atmos compatible audio gear. You need the appropriate Netflix streaming plan “4 Screens + Ultra HD.” This is the top tier streaming plan Netflix offers. A fast Internet connection to stream […]

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My Japan Education: Samurai Gourmet

To get a sense of the Japanese cuisine, its preparation, its underlying meaning, and its flavor, you must watch the Netflix series, Samurai Gourmet. While some of the storylines are hokey, you can’t deny the attention to detail and focus placed on the featured food dishes. The closeups and the sounds of cooking fill the […]

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From Hurricanes to Stranger Things

Well, there went a planned outing to the cabins at Bellows due to the hook and slice of Hurricanes Madeline and Lester. With Bellows cancelling stays starting from Saturday, we now had lots of free time over the Labor Day weekend. That time was spent watching (and finishing) the inaugural season of Stranger Things. This […]

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From Netflix to Amazon Prime

With Amazon offering a monthly subscription to their Prime service, I’m temporarily dropping Netflix to test out the Prime waters. Although Hawaii doesn’t enjoy the free two-day shipping, Prime members do get free standard shipping which is still one up on the free Super Saver shipping. Now I don’t have to look for $25 worth […]

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Game of Thrones Is THAT Good!

After catching up with Season 1 on DVD and with Season 2 about to begin on April 1, we have subscribed to HBO. Yes, the Game of Thrones is that good. Damn you the Starks of Winterfell, the Dragon family of the Targaryens, and especially Tyrion Lannister for making me dish out for premium cable […]

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