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Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Powerbeats2 Wireless

If you’re on Santa’s Nice List, you have to ask for the Powerbeats2 Wireless. Because once you get these and start reminiscing about the past then you’re two-thirds the way to an awesome physique. Check out LeBron James as an example. Pair of the Powerbeats2 Wireless? Check. Remembering his heritage and returning home. Check and […]

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Needed Threadless Type Tees in 2009

Where, oh, where was Threadless Type Tees back in 2009 when I really needed this service? Make your own custom printed tee using an iPhone app. Yes, I definitely could have used this app to capture the discourse with @ryankanno immortalized on Twitter. Heck, even this convo could have been lost over the years if […]

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I’m No Geek

Are you a hardcore geek (or even a mild one)? Take Gizmodo’s quiz of 50 skills geeks must have to see how you rate. I didn’t even finish the quiz with some truly geeky skills needed, therefore proving that I am not a geek. Although I do know how to watch TV shows on the […]

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How Would You Spend $1,000,000,000,000?

What can one trillion dollars get you? A whole that’s what. Even though this site looks at how the cost of the Iraq War could have been spent on other things, there’s an online simulator to see what you can get for a cool trillion. Wanna buy the Yankees and the Mets? You’d still have […]

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Michelle Dixon Dies so Penny Widmore Can Live

Sonya Walger plays Penny Widmore on LOST and Michelle Dixon on Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles. Never really saw an actor belong on two series especially for two different networks. That’s over though with Michelle Dixon being a casualty as Terminators hunt down John Connor. Guess we’ll be seeing more of Penny Widmore on LOST. […]

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Miami Heat Getting High Tech

New Miami Heat Head Coach Erik Spoelstra is trying out some high tech hijinks to connect to his younger players. Instead of using the traditional 300-page play book, Spoelstra rebuilt the playbook for the iPod Touch. The Touches also contain video playback from last year to compare against. Too bad Shaq wasn’t still with the […]

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