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Dwellable’s Anti-Selfie Contest

Dwellable is giving away a pair of Google Glass for its summer contest featuring the anti-selfie. Instead of taking and sharing a picture of yourself, Dwellable wants you to #GetYourGlassOutside and share your experiences. Read the Dwellable blog post for more details and how to win. I guess you can enter more than once, but […]

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Vote Dwellable for Geekwire’s App of the Year

Dwellable’s mobile app that helps find vacation rentals throughout America has been nominated for Geekwire’s App of the Year. If you’re not familiar with Dwellable or its revamped app, take a minute to read my app review. 🙂 Okay, so I did win an iPad Mini for my winning review but hey, I still endorse […]

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Yay! I Won!

I’m still ecstatic that I actually won Dwellable’s contest of providing the most interesting review of their updated mobile app. While winning an iPad Mini is uber cool, the real winning story is Dwellable itself. It’s okay to be honest and say you’ve never heard of Dwellable before. Dwellable is a recent startup focusing on […]

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Dwellable’s Road to the Final Four

Did you know Dwellable’s new mobile app can help you on your road to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four? No, the Dwellable app can’t divine the winners for your March Madness bracket, but it can help you find lodging at the 13 different sites where games are played. Simply put, Dwellable is “the world’s […]

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Featured on Dwellable

It started with a simple email from Jane from What’s Dwellable? That’s what I wondered too, but quickly I learned that Dwellable is a vacation rental service helping you find choice spots in a variety of locales. To help customers understand their vacation areas better, Dwellable draws upon local bloggers to tell their stories, […]

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Signs of Hawaii: Leonard’s Bakery

If you’ve been in the Kapahulu area, you’re very familiar with this sign and the pink boxes that frequently leave this establishment. Of course, we’re talking Leonard’s Bakery and their cannot-resist malasadas. You don’t have to wait long for your malasada fix since they aren’t made to order – they’re made continuously! And it’s only […]

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Picture by Mark Quezada

The Green Sandy Beaches of Hawaii

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole sang about the white beaches of Hawaii, but did you ever hear of the green beach of Hawaii? Yes, green. This natural rarity can be seen on the Big Island at Papakolea where Olivine semi-precious stones have been eroded by the ocean making green sand. Fortunately (or unfortunately), this phenomenon is shielded by […]

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Box Car Racing at Race World Hawaii

Fun for the family! Surprisingly empty (which was good). Cheap ($7 per and stay as long as you want). A workout for parents (those box cars are heavy). Lane 1 is a dud. It’s fun around the turns until you approach the finish line. Lean into those turns. A non-profit operation so donate if you […]

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Temple at The Lodge

What a Week, Part 6: The Lanai Wedding

The reason we were living the life in Lanai was for a wedding on Saturday, July 25, 2009. Set at The Lodge at Koele in the afternoon, the backdrop of the garden and the temple were gorgeous. I loved the Hawaiian wedding chant since I’ve never heard one before. Try listen… [audio:] Congratulations to the […]

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