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Is This the ParkRat Effect?

This can’t be coincidental, can it? On December 24 when the Year of ParkRat calendar was posted, Pulpconnection saw a definite spike in traffic. And this spike has lingered with visits happening on Christmas, a typically slow day. All I can say is mahalo to ParkRat and his fan base!

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Favorite Search Terms from Today

Looking at Pulpconnection stats for today (Wednesday, June 24, 2015), here are my favorite search terms: portague jokes howie haiwaiian mainlander While I don’t define portague jokes, the post, 21 Slang Words You Should Know Before Visiting Hawaii, discusses haole aka howie haiwaiian mainlander.

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WordPress Annual Report for 2014

Here’s what Pulpconnection looked like from the WordPress’ annual report for 2014. Most of the stats are personally underwhelming, but hey, it’s not about the bass, right? See @abaggy, I told you the new BMW i3 stirs up controversy as it got the most comments on my blog this year. Oh, and thanks for being […]

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I’ve Been Civil Beat-en!

Ooops, sorry about that. Pulpconnection was beaten civilly (I think) by a Civil Beat tweet. There was a big spike in server resources (see that blue and red lines climb?) that made this site unresponsive. Rebooted and now back online (kinda sorta). #becivil!

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Who Says AOL is Irrelevant?

Remember that spike in Pulpconnection visits and views checking out the buttery sweetness of Starbuck’s new Toffee Mocha? Can you believe the cause of this was AOL? Yes, that oldie but goodie AOL. The one who was sending you countless CDs in the mail just a few years ago. Even now, if you go to […]

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What’s Hotter then Racy? Buttery Sweetness!

So both you and I thought racy was hot. It is… but not as hot as buttery sweetness! Maybe it’s the hot weather, and people want something cool to drink, but I just don’t why this simple post about Starbucks new (and delicious) Toffee Mocha is blowing up right now. On a Saturday too (which […]

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What’s Racy? What’s Hot?

I guess what’s racy is what’s hot if today’s stats mean anything. You gotta love how random posts from the past get picked up for whatever reason. Today, a pictorial from June 2009 asking if this Victoria’s Secret facade is racy is getting a lot of views. A lot of views! I wonder what’s so […]

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On Labor Day, 300K!

On Labor Day, the visit count to Pulpconnection hit 300,000 lifetime according to SiteMeter. That’s almost one year to the day when this site reached 200,000 visits (just one day off)! The lucky visitor was looking up Princess Leia kicks and is a Mac user running an older version of Mac OS X. Again, thanks […]

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More Pulpconnection Stats

Since I can’t sleep, here’s a few more stats for Pulpconnection divined from Google Analytics. Top Keywords (Dec 07 – Jan 08) jandi lin justin cruz hawaii tasha kobashigawa diane ako kathy muneno Operating Systems I got visited by (Dec 07 – Jan 08) Windows 81.15% Mac 16.59% Danger Hiptop 0.59% (is it Hiptop or […]

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More on Getting to 35,000 Visits

I know 35,000 visits is kind of an oddball milestone to track, but I needed a random way of getting a winner for the Pulpconnection Blackout Giveaway. Anyway, it was a good run to 35,000 visits, amassing 5000 visits in a one-month time span staring in early October. Here’s the timeline for visit milestones. 10,000 […]

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More on Getting to 30000 Visits

Just a little more details about the journey to 30000 visits from May to October 2007. Top performing content. Stuff from 2005 still going strong. /2005/10/listmania-hottest-local-newscasters.html /2007/05/apolo-has-lifted-off.html /2007/04/kathy-muneno-joining-khon.html /2007/08/hey-there-hurley.html /2005_09_01_archive.html /2005/10/pau-listmania-hottest-local.html /2005/11/tasha-kobashigawa-this-is-my-final.html /2006/03/my-hot-kicks.html /2007/06/dissed-by-desmond.html Top keywords. It’s all about Hawaii’s local newscasters. kathy muneno tasha kobashigawa club 939 cindy paliracio kuualoha taylor stephanie lum diane […]

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