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Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Underoos (for Adults)

So dressing up as He-Man or your favorite comic book character during Halloween was fun but short lived right? What if you could dress up everyday? No, I’m not telling you to become a professional cosplayer but rather get (or give) the gift of Underoos (for adults). These outfits ain’t for kids any more. Check […]

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The Russell Westbrook lineup

Holiday Gift Guide 2013: BVDs

Yes, we’re talking men’s underwear, aka BVDs but not necessarily the tighty whities. Now, it’s super easy to get yourself a clean pair of beebos. Heck, you don’t even have to leave the house. For $95 a year, DaDa will send you a variety of underwear every quarter. Looking for something more sporty? The Oklahoma […]

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Holiday Gift Guide: iPhone Boxers

You never know when you need to carry your iPhone around while wearing nothing but your boxer shorts, but when it happens, you might as well be wearing the ScottVest Travel Boxers. Although this isn’t the most original of ideas (see the iBoxer and iPanties), the construction of these look comfy. And yes, these boxers […]

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