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Curved Smartphones for a Curvy Ass?

I know what you’re secretly thinking – will curved smartphones make my ass look better? Come on, admit the shallow truth. If you’re going to slip a curved screen phone into your back jeans pocket, why shouldn’t it add some dimension to your derrière? You know some smartphone makers will surreptitiously target this market who […]

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JUICIES+ for 2013

Remember the Kickstarter-based Juicies project back in 2011? These playful iPhone and USB cables took the scenic route to ship, but they were and still are colorfully distinctive. My green USB extension cord lengthens my Lightning iPhone 5 cable for a daily charge. Fast forward to 2013, and Juicies is back to charge up your […]

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Make Your Own Gold iPhone Pop Tarts Style

So in China, you can now buy gold stickers to adorn your iPhone making it look like the highly desired golden iPhone 5s. We’re talking $2 versus $200 for the real deal. But where’s the fun in that? Where is the challenge for those with ingenuity and innovation? The more satisfying task is to figure […]

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The Gold iPhone 5s Inspired by Pop Tarts

When we first heard the rumors that Apple was creating a new gold iPhone 5s, we balked. It would be too gaudy, too ostentatious, too un-Apple-like, an accessory only Mr. T would love. But then it arrived in its champagne tone, and opinions swayed from disbelief to desired. But little did we know that Apple […]

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Backed Simple Bracket

You ever participate in those March Madness brackets with the weighted scoring system where whoever picks the final winning team typically wins the bracket? Yeah, it’s pretty standard, and it’s kind of a bummer scoring system. A biostatistician, Ted Gooley, developed a more equitable way of assigning points based on many variables. I won’t explain […]

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Juicies lime green USB extension

Got My Juicies

It’s been a long journey for the Kickstarter-powered Juicies project. Started in 2011, Juicies goal was to bring colorful cables made out of recycled materials to the iPhone market. The colors were delicious, the price was right, and hey, Laurens from Hawaii was behind it all so why not back this project? Then there was […]

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Belkin Grip Candy Sheer Black and Green

While I’m pleased with my Belkin Grip Candy Sheer case in gravel/reflection (i.e. teal and black), I think the black/green color combo is a better look, especially on a black iPhone 5. Oh yeah, Best Buy now carries the black/green Belkin case if you’re looking to buy. Update 11/28/2012: Here’s one more image of the […]

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iPhone 5 Skit on SNL

The (minor) problems with the iPhone 5 have hit the mainstream as spoofed by this SNL skit. On the recent trip to SoCal, I had two small mishaps with Apple Maps but success otherwise. Once, Maps instructed me to get off the freeway then subsequently get back on the freeway. Minor but an inconvenience. Second, […]

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Picked Belkin Grip Candy Sheer Case

It’s only a matter of time before more and more cases for the iPhone 5 hit the market. To provide basic protection in the meantime, I picked up the Belkin Grip Candy Sheer Case in the Gravel/Reflection (Teal/Silver) color scheme. Best Buy has some iPhone 5 cases in stock from a variety of vendors: Belkin, […]

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iOS 6 Mail Oddity

So I’ve been having a weird issue or two with my new iPhone 5. Here’s an oddity with the Mail app in iOS 6. Check out the screen shot. How do I compose a new email? That’s correct. The “compose email” button in the bottom right corner is missing! Odd… A quick screen rotation brings […]

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