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-1 for United Air

For a five-hour transcoastal flight, what kind of power source is this? Yeah, it’s a regular US power outlet but with the ubiquity of USB ports, these standard outlets aren’t as useful (especially when I packed all power bricks in checked baggage). Minus one point for United Air.

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Barack and chill everyone!

When Else Do You Barack and Chill?

Other than being stuck in traffic as the First Family’s motorcade makes its way to an Air Force One departure, when are the other times you Barack and chill? It’s got to be all those times Hawaii residents experience power outages, inexplicably when POTUS is in the islands. This started back in December 2008 when […]

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Obama Holiday Stay Means Another Power Outage

Obama Holiday Stay Means Another Power Outage

It’s been some years, but whenever POTUS visits Hawaii during the holidays, there’s a very good chance that a power outage will ensue. That tradition continues tonight on the eve and first day of 2016 with power going out around 11pm and coming back around 5am. Lots of stars out on a clear night (see […]

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Does a Tesla Powerwall Make Sense in Hawaii?

I’m intrigued by all things Tesla including their newest product, the Powerwall. The Powerwall is essentially a Tesla battery installed in the home to store excess power which can then be used later like during a power outage. Additionally, the Powerwall can charge itself when electricity rates are cheaper and then provides power to your […]

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President Obama’s Annual Power Outage

Gotta love the coincidence. Each year when the First Family spends their holiday vacation in Hawaii, there’s typically a power outage. I believe this started happening from 2008. The start of 2015 is no different. On this stormy night, several locations are without power. Good night and thanks to AT&T for their LTE network that’s […]

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Was Kaneohe Coffee-less This Morning?

According to HECO, a major section of Kaneohe was without power this morning mainly affecting commercial businesses like Starbucks. The 24-hour drive-thru rendered worthless, the early-opening-but-can’t-access Starbucks inside Windward Mall unavailable. Still though, the green aprons of the mermaid showed up to work, just to apologize to caffeine-addicts. Maybe the Windward City location had power […]

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