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The Vanishing Playstation 5

It’s simply amazing how fast the new Sony Playstation 5 sells out. No matter the vendor, no matter the venue, and no matter what time of day – the PS5 vanishes seconds after releasing. Today, Walmart advertised that they would be restocking the PS5 for an early Black Friday. I refreshed the product page for […]

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Walmart and Nintendo Both Suck

Of course. Of course, it was too good to be true. I happened to be at the ready when Walmart announced its pre-order of the Nintendo SNES Classic Edition, and I managed to get my pre-order processed. But today, I got notified (and so did everyone else) that this SNES pre-order was a technical glitch […]

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Item Pickup Today Does Not Mean in Stock at Walmart

Obviously, I assumed too much when seeing this meter stick on Sure, it’s available for pickup at the Pearl City location today if I order/buy it online. So I guessed that for the item to be available today, it should be in stock at the store. Otherwise, how can it guarantee the item be […]

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NES Classic Edition and

Available in limited quantities at, the NES Classic vanished in seconds. I had one in my cart but got several errors when attempting to check out. Of course, when I did manage to checkout, I got another error saying the item was not in stock (even though I had still one in my cart). […]

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Smart Marketing Move, Walmart

Very smart marketing move Walmart. In this week’s Sunday ads, Walmart is showcasing Halloween items. They also display Halloween creations made with the on-sale items. You might be thinking, “Hey, that’s pretty cool. I wonder how’d they make it?” Looking on the ad page, Walmart has included directions for the creations…on Pinterest. Also, each “recipe” […]

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Walmart Does Not Online Price Match

Boo, I learned first hand that Walmart (at least in Hawaii) does not price match their own prices advertised online. I discovered that LEGO had discounted select sets on Amazon and at Target, and I confirmed the lower prices on the respective company sites. I also checked for the reduced prices, and the recent […]

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Thor's Hammer

Wal-Mart Hammering Back Prices

This week, Wal-Mart announced that it is recommitting itself to low prices and is launching a new ad campaign to hammer in this message. Must be why Wal-Mart is now selling these. What would the gods of Asgard think?

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