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Yes, Simply Yes, CleanMyMac 3

Digital hoarders, help is here. Yes, I too have been living with daily messages that my startup disk is almost full. I love my MacBook Air with its speedy solid state drive, but at a mere 256 gigabytes, there’s only so much I can store. Yes, I’ve gotten rid of music files, transitioning to the […]

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Hilo Sight Seeing Recommendations from @hawaii

When the family was going to be in Hilo for a few days, I knew I had to contact @hawaii aka Ryan Ozawa about his personal recommendations since he’s been talking about Hilo for years. This simple inquiry led to a flood of advice for a short, three-day visit. Because his advice was so good, […]

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Retrain Your Brain at Starbucks Kailua

Not too long ago, the Starbucks location in the heart of Kailua town closed for renovation. That was then, this is now. Regular patrons, what do you notice right away? Yes, you have to retrain your brain and walk to the far end to place your order. It’s no longer the drink pickup area that’s […]

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Is Amazon Dash Button an April Fool’s Prank?

Did you see Amazon’s latest release of their Dash buttons? You install these little physical devices around your household near consumable items. When you start running low on these items, push the matching Dash button and the item is magically added to an Amazon order for you to approve.  Sounds like a nifty albeit prank […]

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Kicks Analysis 2015 #3: Sweet 16

The sweet, sweet sixteen of ’15 looks like this: Kentucky (Nike) Purdue (Nike) Notre Dame (Under Armour) Wichita St. (Nike) Wisconsin (Adidas) North Carolina (Nike) Xavier (Nike) Arizona (Nike) Duke (Nike) Utah (Under Armour) UCLA (Adidas) Gonzaga (Nike) N.C. State (Adidas) Louisville (Adidas) Oklahoma (Nike) Michigan St. (Nike) Nike commands 62.5% (10 out of 16) […]

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A 1-2-3-4+ Morning

This morning featured a major, six-plus car accident on the H1 westbound. Not wanting to be stuck in that snarled traffic, I sheltered at Starbucks in Kaneohe and snacked on a bacon, egg, gouda breakfast sandwich that earned me 3 bonus reward stars. Checking Waze and Twitter for traffic updates, it still didn’t look good, […]

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My Inevitable Journey to the Apple Watch

I’ve come to rationalize realize that the Apple Watch is in my future. The journey to this latest in wearable tech started back in 2005 with the advent of the Nike+iPod Sports Kit. The alliance of Apple and Nike, two of my favorite brands, materialized the idea of data-driven workouts for the masses. With a sensor in […]

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The Local and Mahaloha Burger New to Kailua

The new year has spurred on new small local businesses in Kailua with the opening of The Local and soon, Mahaloha Burger. Located down the street from the new Target, these businesses are poised to benefit from increased foot traffic in the area. The Local is a hybrid store selling clothing items in one half […]

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Poor Radio Reception

Any Lexus owners out there have poor radio reception with the stock deck? We got a used Lexus that’s newer than our (former) Toyotas, but the radio reception is so bad. Driving my normal routes, the FM radio reception is staticky and even drops out at certain spots. This didn’t happen with the Toyota stereos. […]

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