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One Week with the iPhone 6

It’s been barely one week using my new iPhone 6, but here are a few more observations. Does it bend? Seriously, what? Why is #bendgate even a thing? Um, how about not sitting on your phone to begin with. And if you had a plastic encased phone, I’m guessing the phone would crack. At least […]

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Kickstarted the iPhone 6 Felt Case

Oh my fickleness for iPhone cases. Here I was set on getting a Spigen Neo Hybrid Metal case for my new iPhone 6. But then I heard that while the fit was fine, there was a minor discrepancy with the clickiness of the volume buttons. Nothing major, but I guess a last minute adjustment for […]

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Initial Thoughts About the iPhone 6

After a few days using my iPhone 6, here are a few observations and thoughts. I went with the 4.7-in screen iPhone 6, wary of the large 5.5 iPhone 6+, but I did succumb and maxed out memory. It’s thin. Very thin. That’s the very first thing you notice when you pick up the phone. […]

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Arashi Blast: iPhone 6 Buyers

Of the 15,000 tourists coming to see the Arashi Blast in Hawaii concerts, majority are from Japan, but there are fans from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea. Interestingly enough, the iPhone 6 has yet to release in China. You think you might see a visitor or two from China waiting in line at an […]

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iPhone 6: Lines, Lines, Lines

At lunch on Thursday, the AT&T store in Pearl City had a line forming for Friday’s launch of the iPhone 6. Okay, there was only one person in line but there were about five in line shortly afterwards. In fact, this forming line drew the attention of the security guards who insisted those in queue […]

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Leaning Towards the Spigen iPhone 6 Case

I’m always leery of phone cases that are available before the phones themselves, but if I were to get an iPhone 6 case right away, I’d get the Spigen Neo Hybrid Metal, specifically in Metallic Blue. It looks grippy and stylish enough. My main concern with this case is the back cutout for the Apple […]

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Caveat When Exchanging an iPhone 6

If you’re considering exchanging a pre-ordered iPhone 6 for a different model, just know that your mobile carrier upgrade qualifications may be delayed during the exchange. To get the subsidized price of the iPhone 6, you need to re-up your two-year contract with your carrier. But during a return/exchange of a pre-ordered iPhone 6, technically […]

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Succumbed to the iPhone 6 Hype

That was a crazy launch of Apple’s latest iPhone 6. Pre-orders opened on September 12, 2014 at 12:01 am, meaning 9:01 pm HST. But, you couldn’t actually connect to the Apple Store until much later. Heck, I think is still down, nearly two hours later. But the Apple Store apps fared better (maybe by […]

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Remember When iPod Sales Converted Buyers to Macs?

Remember times past when the sales of iPods led to Windows users switching to Macs? I wonder if a similar situation will occur with the Apple Watch and the iPhone. Because you need an iPhone to link with an Apple Watch, will this spur more iPhone converts as the Apple Watch gains momentum? And before […]

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Find My iPhone

I Lost and Found my iPhone

In all my years as an iPhone user, I’ve never lost my phone. From a 3G to a 4 and now a 5, I always had my iPhone around. Then last night happened. Sometime after dinner at Tokoname in Kailua, I left my phone at the restaurant. I might have left it on the table. It […]

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What App Is That, Melissa Chang?

It started off as a genuine question when I asked Melissa Chang what app she used to create those captivating picture collages. Apparently, I hadn’t been the only one asking. Melissa respectfully answered my query then we joked about how she should blog about the app and drive viewers to her blogged answer. So here […]

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