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What is 75<

While using the free version of Pandora, this advertisement popped up, and I happened to look at it. First off, yes, I was listening to Depeche Mode but back to my question. The ad wants the user to tap on his age. I can understand the age of <18 (less than 18) but then isn’t 75< […]

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“Since” or “Sense”

I cannot even believe someone made the “error” of confusing the words, “since” and “sense.” But there it was in an email: … that has sense been worked out. I did not quote the entire sentence sense I didn’t feel it necessary. Otherwise, it may have confused your common since. I hope that make scents. […]

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“For all intensive purposes…”

Hold up, did I just see that phrase used seriously? Seriously?! “For all intensive purposes” – you know you’re in trouble when the Urban Dictionary has a definition. Nonsense, it means nothing. Its what people say when they really mean to say “for all intents and purposes”. Should I even care this erroneous phrase was […]

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Words: Endemic vs Indigenous

There is a difference between endemic and indigenous species as I’ve recently learned. Supposedly, the Hawaiian Red Shrimp, the Opae ula, are endemic to Hawaii and can only be found in Hawaii. That’s different from indigenous species that can be found in other geographies. Here’s a good article explaining the difference and also distinguishes native […]

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Popping Bottles and Other Hip Hop Cliches I’ve Never Heard of

I’m no filthy rich hip hop mogul, so it’s no wonder why I’m not popping bottles. Heck, I never knew what popping bubbles meant as well as many of these other hip hop cliches. “Play my/her favorite song” “I like it” “Duece/Dueces” “Animal” or “cannibal” “Swagger” or “swag on” “808’s” “In the club” “Turn it […]

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Word of the Day: Rictus

Here’s the formal definition of rictus: a fixed grimace or grin But really, let’s put aside the denotation with this strong mental imagery. McDonald’s Grimace is the personification of rictus if there ever was one.

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Word of the Day: Suffused

Today’s word of the day is suffused: gradually spread through or over It’s lunchtime, and I must be hungry since all I can think about is some warm bread suffused with peanut butter and jelly although I know that’s not the correct usage of suffused. I must let the definition of suffused suffuse in my […]

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Word of the Day: Bole

I forget the context of bole so it could either be: the trunk of a tree or a fine, compact, earthy clay Meh, kind of a boring word to use in everyday conversations or the workplace. And that’s no hyperbole!

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Word of the Day: Crepuscular Rays

While sailing out on the Pacific Ocean, I witnessed fantastic sights like these crepuscular rays. Number 3 from 25 Everyday Things You Never Knew Had Names. Rays of sunlight coming from a certain point in the sky. Also known as “God’s rays.” And not necessarily crepuscular rays, but other scenery from the sea.

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